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Welcome to Romana LTD

Helibar Crack Repairs

We provide helibar crack repairs to ensure reinforcement and to help stabilise cracked masonry

Masonry Beams

Masonry beams will serve to strengthen horizontal strength to a wall and take the load off of damaged footing

Lateral Restraint Ties

We will help restrain a bowing gable wall through tying bulging brickwork back to the internal floor and roof structure

Pinning Cross Walls

Pinning cross wall helps to re-connect one wall to the other whether it be internal or external

Soldier Course Lintel Repairs

Failed lintels can cause severe cracking. We can form a masonry beam and pin the lintel vertically to it

Brick Beam Lintel Repairs

A failing lintel can cause cracking, we can form a masonry beam above, taking the load off the lintel

Resin Repairs

Our services with resin repairs will help achieve durable, permanent repairs at a fraction of the cost of replacing them


Established in 1991, with our Managing Director and Surveyor having over 25 years’ experience in the damp proofing and timber preservation industry.

We are currently approved contractors to Sovereign, Safeguard and Triton Chemicals. We are part of the Sovereign Chemicals BS 6576 scheme, which involves our technical and business practices being vetted to ensure we are working to the relevant British standard for chemical damp proofing. We are System Platon approved installers for cavity drainage membranes and pumping systems.

Our surveyor has been a member of the Institute for Specialist Surveyors and engineers since 1994. Although we work in the residential market mainly through recommendation, our company is an approved contractor to 3 major local authorities in Essex. To achieve this we have undertaken extensive technical and financial vetting which is ongoing throughout our employment with them. This entails us holding £5 million public liability and unlimited employer liability insurance. Our staff are City and Guilds qualified and fully employed by the company.